Half Bad by Sally Green: Review

Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy, #1)Half Bad by Sally Green

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not blown away and the book description was misleading. Well, it’s not a first when the description does not do a good job at marketing and selling the story ingenuously. However, it’s still startling to find no magic and bedazzling witchcraft despite reading book reviews that have warned me about the lack.
I don’t know how to describe Nathan. I suspect he might have dyslexia.It’s weird to say it but after several hundred pages, I still don’t have a good idea of his personality. I know he is quick and prone to anger, insecure about his body and visage, and smart even though he can’t read. The world-building is still shoddy even though it’s supposed to take place in modern-England. Yes, we are forced and emotionally manipulated to sympathize and root for Nathan and I feel terrible for all the torture, beatings and misdirected hatred at the hands of White Witches. Nevertheless, there is no clear line as to any ulterior motives besides revenge and hostility against Black Witches which cause White Witches to be ruthless Hunters. So the rift that divides Black Witches and White Witches is a centuries-old blood feud and irreconcilability of differences? Black Witches’ killings of the Whites still sounds like a groundless excuse for White Witches to take up the mantle of righteousness and train Hunters to retaliate. I’m not on either side of the Black or Whites; I’m on Nathan’s side and I think the author does a good job in showing the ambiguity of good and evil which I hope is what she intended. I still plan to read the sequel and see Nathan’s journey through. This is ultimately a book about a boy’s search for identity and I like that he learns from his mistakes. Nathan is lost throughout most of the book but he has a lot of potential.

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