An Unquiet Mind: Review

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and MadnessAn Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I took the grace of reading this book without reading any reviews on it to prevent bias. I fucking hated it anyways.

I felt the presence of men all over the book. Kay rarely mentioned women and the only ones who showed up were her mother and older sister. It was overly suffocating and I felt condescended to when Kay mentioned her achievements and the oppression she felt when her mental illness prevented her from accomplishing what her WASP/Ivy status allowed her to do.

Her writing was good but it was not enough to distract me from her abysmal egocentricity about her sex life, her list of lovers, and all those men who were her friends. I don’t understand why she doesn’t talk about any female friends…maybe she doesn’t have any? I understand that’s reasonable since to each their own but I’m still baffled.

There was so much centralization on SEX and MEN. what the actual fuck
Like if I wanted to read about romance, I would’ve searched out a love story! (and I love romance, by the way; it adds a lot of fun to an otherwise tragic book that takes itself too seriously with its sad, gory, and fantastical elements)

Sorry, I read this book expecting a book on mood disorder and that’s what it was marketed as but I now want my money back. I didn’t EVEN BUY THE DAMN BOOK. (Thanks, college library, for lending me this book) never mind I actually want my time back. This book wasted my time and it wasn’t even about how unlikable Kay was. I’m sick and tired of this book, it’s only 228 pages and it’s saturated with achievements, her rise to prestigious job positions, and the amount of support she received from men. Okay, yeah, you garnered a lot of attention from men and you also have a lot of handsome friends.

Your two best friends in high school were handsome, sardonic and super popular GUYS in high school. Thanks for describing that, did it contribute to your story, influence your illness or even impact your life?!!! Because you briefly drop them and then talk about other guys you meet in college, husbands (yes, husbandS), and turbulent love affairs.

Keep in mind I have a 8-page paper due in a few hours and all of it to be written by referring to this book. And yet, wa-la!…here I am writing about how much cock and bull I read wastefully. And surprisingly, I wrote so much and infinitely quickly on my subjective review of this book than my actual assignment essay!

A lot of the aforementioned male friends and people who supported you need not be included because Kay did not show their long-term support. She would talk about them for a few pages and then it would all revert back to her. They are then dropped and I never hear about them again (except for maybe the psychiatrist and her family). Nearly every men she comes into contact with was always first and foremost described physically and usually as devastatingly handsome and/or charming.

Her self-centeredness and grandiosity is beyond belief.

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