Best Books of 2014 & 2015 Book Challenge

In 2014, I read 52 books which is a steep decline from 100 books in 2013 and I’m afraid I’m never going to achieve that golden triple digit statistic again in this decade. What I aim for is 55 this year and I just pray that the semester and summer allows me to achieve it. FIGHTING!

Best Books of 2014:

(Note: These books are linked to their respective GoodReads page so click away!)

Ignite MeGolden SonSinnerThe Perilous SeaBlue Lily, Lily BlueThe Winner's CurseDreams of Gods & MonstersA Darker Shade of MagicMortal Heart

Favorite Pre-2014 Books I Read This Year:

I highly recommend every book under this one section because the writing is superb and the plot is fantastically complex.

I recently saw a blog post about popsugar’s book challenge list which motivated me to take it on too.


I’ll be updating on my progress and making my way through the list but it seems I can check off multiple items with a single book. Would that be considered cheating? I know I should follow through properly but still…

So, will you take on this challenge too?! I dare you to try new things, explore different types of stories and get out of your preferred genre zone. Let me know your stance on this and all thoughts are appreciated. Happy New Year!!


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