Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much to abOOkishOwl, Analee, and aceshadowdragon for nominating me!!


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7 Things About Myself:

  • I think gasoline and moth balls smell good.
  • I only read two ongoing mangas right now: Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji.
  • My friend tried to dye my hair blonde but it turned out really dark brown.
  • I’m currently obsessed with BTS.
  • I like watching choreography videos.
  • My favorite ice cream is mint cookies n’ cream.
  • I dislike dark chocolate.

Now it’s your turn!


Cup of Tea with that Book, Please

The Write Stuff




19 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Oh my gosh, you like K-pop? What do you think of I Need U? I am in love with that song, SHINee’s View, and Boa’s new album right now. And this is so embarrassing, but BTS’s MV actually made me cry. I also really love watch choreo videos even though I can’t dance, haha.

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      • You mean TVXQ are the kings of K-pop. 😉 Haha, I’m totally kidding, I don’t create fanwars. 😛 They’re all so talented!
        And I don’t really keep up with BTS so I haven’t heard of that show. I always knew J-Hope was a great dancer though. Do you have any bias groups that you really like?


      • I especially like B.A.P., Infinite, Block B, WINNER, AkMu, and B2ST’s music 😀
        And bangtan bombs are soo funny, you really need to watch them! Hbu?

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      • Beast and SHINee are the two groups that got me into K-pop in 2011, so I really love them. My ultimate bias group is Exo though. I’ve been following them since their predebut, teaser era and haven’t loved them less since then. I also really enjoy listening to more band like groups like Lunafly, CN Blue, and FT Island. And the only girl groups I really like are Spica and F(X).


      • YASSS B2ST and SHINee are my first ones too! I listened to all their albums haha. CNBLUE is great (I watched them on Running Man) and Ft island’s sound keeps getting better esp. with ‘Pray’.
        Exo is just so cool that I painted a college mural with their Tree of Life hands at my dorm LOL. It’s sad to say I wasn’t there from the beginning with BTS (like you were with Exo) bc they’re such a fun group. I have Lay’s running man ep ready to watch soon. Lmk your suggestions on vids to watch or anything to look out for!

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      • Thanks, I’ll let you know if I do! 🙂
        Lay is my ultimate bias (as you can tell from my blog’s name, also it explains why I mention unicorns quite a lot on my blog, haha), I really need to watch his RM cuts. And lately, I’ve been falling for CN Blue’s Jong Hyun. I love his voice in A Gentleman’s Dignity OST, and he’s so cute on We Got Married.

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      • Ahah! That’s what I thought and it’s kind of obvious I’m J-Hope biased. I haven’t watched WGM before and I just started watching Producer. They just mentioned Exo and BTS were rehearsing in the background kyaa!! Which WGM are good? They’re currently on Henry, right?

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      • My favorite was the Khuntoria couple with Nichkhun from 2pm and Victoria from F(X). I haven’t seen that many WGM seasons to be honest. The only seasons I watched completely was the one with Leeteuk, Taemin, and Kwanghee. I’ve seen parts of the other seasons but never really followed them. This current one with Jonghyun and Henry is pretty cute so far though. Have you heard of Hello Baby? That was one of my favorite variety shows. SHINee and Mblaq’s Hello Baby was so funny and cute! 🙂


      • I’ve actually seen some of SHINee’s Hello Baby moments (back when I watched everything with Onew). I’ll search out theirs and MBLAQ’s guest eps because now that you mentioned it, SHINee was hilarious!
        WGM is popular, right? I’ve seen more kdrama than variety but that might change now that I’m more into kpop. 😀 I didn’t know being part of fandoms is so much fun!!

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      • Being a part of fandoms is both fun and very addicting, especially if you’ve joined tumblr. I feel like I’m always blogging, between book blogging on here and exo reblogging on tumblr. Oh well. XD
        Haha, you’re right, SHINee has natural variety sense. Infinite and Teen Top are funny boy groups as well. Oh and if you don’t want the commitment of watching each episode of a Hello Baby or WGM, Weekly Idol is another great one to consider (you may have already heard of it though). Since they don’t have follow up episodes. And they often have different groups appearing as guests every week. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these variety shows if you do get a chance to start! 😀 (I’ll definitely be back when I’m ready to learn more about BTS, that way you can recommend me some!)


      • I’ve been slipping in book blogging because of kpop…yes, my life is a mess. I LOVED Teen Top’s Rocking choreo; it’s on my top ten list of the best. I’ve watched a couple Weekly Idol and I need to go through Infinite since they guest frequently.
        I’m sorry about the whole Tao thing btw :/ I’m sad it’s down to 9 but there’s a chance he’ll return once he recovers, right? I loved their Exodus album and am anticipating this repackaged one but these poor boys all need to rest. Especially with SHINee, I thought SM would at least give attention to other groups and put Exo on the backburner.

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      • Aww, thanks. Exactly, all us, Exo-Ls, are hoping that he’ll recover in time and return! And I totally agree, I couldn’t believe a repackage was already set for a few days. You’re right, all these K-pop idols really need breaks and vacations. Plus, they’re all in their prime ages and they should really travel for fun more. Of course, being a huge fan of Exo, I feel like they’re way too overworked.
        And Teen Top’s Rocking looks so amazing and difficult, they’re dancing is always so in sync!
        Ahaha, it’s okay to have life (and K-pop) get in the way of blogging. As much as blogging is fun, real life is more important anyway. Besides, it’s not like I blog as often as I’d like to either, especially in terms of book reviews. I do so many memes, tags, and awards instead. XD Oh well.


      • This month is going to be super hectic with Love Me Right and BB’s 2 new songs. LMR is different from the rest of Exodus’ album but not necessarily in a bad way. Imo, the MV cinematography is beautiful and not as chaotic as Bang Bang Bang.
        My semester ended already so I should be more active on my blog…except I’m not. I feel lethargic for some reason and I haven’t been reading as much since I have work. However, I hope to amend that soon once I find the right book.

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      • I feel the same way. I’m kind of in a reading slump despite having so many titles on my TBR pile waiting to be picked up. I think these periods are okay to have as a blogger though.
        As for LMR, I really love it as a feel-good, summer song. This Exodus album has quite a few *NSYNC and 90s throwback sounds to it. I like it. Though I don’t think I could ever not like Exo being an Exo-L. Bang Bang Bang is surprisingly been one of my most played songs (along with Flashlight) lately. The chorus is also so G-Dragon. 😛


      • Ahaha!! I just saw #EXOL1stWin recently trending and it’s pretty hilarious seeing the jokes surrounding it. I think I’m fully immersed into the twitter kpop fandom. I’m staying away from tumblr for now though because it seems to suck up a lot of time…
        Exodus is great but with the new repackaged album, I’m wondering are you buying it? I’m going to Taiwan soon so I’ll be buying my first kpop album ever there since it’s cheaper. If you bought albums before, which sites/how do you order it?
        I hope June brings really good books because I don’t particularly feel motivated to read much despite all the good titles on the shelf still :/

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