Real Neat Blog Award


First off, thank you Suganiya Rassiah for nominating me!! Although I’ve only had this blog for a few months, I’m glad you and others are checking it out. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read my posts or even talk to me. Thank you again and thank you to the fellow bloggers out there!

For readers, I hope you will retain an open mind when you read my answers because I’m usually a happy-go-lucky person. I like writing because it makes me realize how much I’ve suppressed and helps me express myself when I cannot do so in real life for several reasons. One of the reasons being that no one wants to be around someone who only talks about him/herself.

1. Do you like to read books? Why?
I didn’t grow up with gaming devices or cell phones so it was a miracle that I found books to read. I often worked at my parents’ restaurant after school and books were often the only form of entertainment for me. I enjoy reading books now not because it’s the only option but because I ended up finding the right ones to read. (Goodreads helped a lot.)

2. Tell me the character which would resembles the true you?
I can’t say because I don’t often see Chinese characters in books, media, or other forms of entertainments. Aside from Chinese-American characters, I’m also not that nerdy so I feel like I don’t necessarily fit into any molds that high school labels students with. I’m diligent but I wasn’t a straight-A student, I’m trying to stop being a pushover, and I use obliviousness as a defense mechanism when the current situation makes me feel uncomfortable. As you can see, I’m not quite the model main character authors write about. I guess I could be the sidekick of a hero/heroine because I’m steadfast and optimistic most of the time.

3. The name of your first crush and have you ever told him/her that?

No name. My first serious one was in middle school and we had a great friendship…that ended up falling apart. My self-esteem at that time was in Tartarus so there was no way that I could have confessed. I knew the feeling was mutual though so I regret not telling him since it would have led to us going out. It’s a really embarrassing story to tell because it was my fault that he stopped talking to me.

4. If you could be one character out of a book, who would that be?

Eugenides from The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner or L from Death Note. I wonder how it feels to be so clever and expert at mind games especially with their cutthroat reputations.
I admit at one point I wanted to be like Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s Olympian series because who doesn’t want to be ruler of the sea? I can’t swim so I was envious of his abilities but then I realized he’s constantly hogged by monsters so I retract that wish.

5. The little things that put a smile on your face everyday?

I get happy when I see people reading because LITERATURE IS NOT DEAD.

Little messages or gestures from friends to show that they thought about you or care about you. It can be a snapchat directed at me specifically (yea, social media) or a quick message asking me how I am. It’s significantly more meaningful now because it’s the summer when people are usually off doing their own things.

6. The happiest thing that has ever happened to you?

I had a lot of worries about what I was going to do this summer but I got accepted to a month-long English teaching program in Taiwan, and I’m boarding the plane in a couple weeks. It’s been a miserable month up until now because I have been working at my parents’ Chinese restaurant and trust me, you don’t want to work for your parents. I have mixed feelings about leaving the country because I’m about to meet other strangers my age and my Mandarin is only competent. I don’t have problems making friends but I have insecurities about social acceptance which is mainly a byproduct of a bad summer spent as a sleepaway camp counselor. (That’s a whole other story about counselor cliques and their imposed isolation that I’ll tell one day.)

I also joined a fandom for the first time [BTS: check out their newest MV] and it has been so much fun and laughter. I have never been so dedicated and fixated wholeheartedly on a subject so it’s a strange experience.

7. Do you believe in true love? (Did I sound like a corny website there?)

I don’t think I do anymore. I used to romanticize about my love life but for some reason, I never allowed any guys to get past friendship. I will keep my eye out for the one but I’m not going to look.

Sidenote: This got very personal and I rifted through years of cringe-worthy and nostalgic memories to write what I could. However, I explored many of my deep-seated anxieties to a surprisingly far extent and I’m glad to answer these questions as truthfully as possible.

I nominate:

BB Wynter

books are my reality




Maria Casacalenda


And here are my questions for you to answer:

  1. How have you changed from a year ago?
  2. Are you content with your life right now? Why?
  3. How has writing/blogging influenced your mood?
  4. Describe a book pet peeve you have.
  5. What character traits do you value most in a person?
  6. What is the difference that causes you to envy someone but admire someone else?
  7. Simple question this time: favorite candy flavor?

I look forward to reading your answers!


5 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Anne! And I’m wishing you the best of luck on starting your teaching program! It might be a bit hard adjusting to your new environment but you’ll get used to it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I look forward to reading your answers and I’m excited to travel! Hopefully, I can blog about it every other day to journal about what I learned. I haven’t written about my diary entries in so long so it’ll be interesting to say the least.

      Liked by 1 person

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