Review: End of Days by Susan Ee

End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days, #3)End of Days by Susan Ee

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ahhh, Penryn and her gang of unlikely saviors. We have her young sister Paige who is devastatingly altered that she can only consume human flesh and Raffe, her archangel who’s pretty high in demand in angel society. And her psychotic mother.

With these types of characters, it churned out a beautiful mixture of a book called Angelfall. The sequel World After was just as scrumptious but somewhere along the way, I think it was too much  to handle and that is why this book came out messily. The root of the problem lies in the lack of characters that connected to the central conflict. This did not allow easy access for Penryn to finally rally a last battle against the angel because let’s face it, it’s hard for a teenager to do that. Penryn was up close and personal with the angels due to Raffe, her beloved one, but she is distant from Obi who is the leader of the military camp.

Regardless, I’m going to be lenient because the last book is the most important in the series and angel books also tend to be a difficult sub-genre to break into. It limits the imagination and creative license due to the theology/mythology behind it so that it has to be firmly rooted in reality. The angel politics that drives the whole plot ends up becoming the gist of the storyline in this book and I think it’s part of the reason why readers were turned off. Spoiler: The whole point of the apocalypse was a master plan devised by Uriel for him to become the Messenger. This ultimately leads to a whole lot of drivel on questioning where Raffe’s loyalties lie in the aftermath; will he stay with Penryn or nah? There was too much time spent dwelling on that when the other more important problems were unsolved. It came up multiple times that Penryn needed to treat Raffe coldly “because he was going to leave anyways and their relationship was impossible”. It’s corny, stressful and just irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because angels are planning to annihilate the human race! In fact, I never felt their connection and the romance was Angelfall’s weakest point. There was a lot of discordance in what they wanted and their actions that continued to contradict their voices.
I want to suspend my belief for some of the conveniences that easily come into play. Especially for the somewhat happy ending. But in all honesty, it was still clever to usher in some interesting characters; I only wished more pages were spent on fully forming them. End of Days overall comes across as underwhelming because parts of it require more explanation or writing. It just means that the end came sooner than I expected.

There’s already many reviews on End of Days so mine really makes no difference. The response so far has been on polar ends of the spectrum as far as I can see. If you’re a Penryn fanatic who hasn’t read this last book yet, I’d say venture forth if you need closure. If you haven’t even remotely read Angelfall, PLEASE DO. The sequels may or may not generate favorable reactions but ANGELFALL IS A MUST.

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