Free Spirit Award


One of the greatest gems of blogging is the nominations and passing on of awards. It is such a great interactive tool especially amidst the blogging community when blogs tend to be a lone venture in stream-of-consciousness. This is actually what I want to talk about since the award has given me leeway to spew whatever I want!

Thank you for nominating me, Honya and for leaving the topic as eponymous as the award name. šŸ™‚ From what I see, I need to only follow this guideline: Use the topic that the previous nominee provided you with and go off on that tangent. And be sure to nominate other great bloggers in the end!!
Since the topic was left open, I’ll just follow up on what Honya discussed in her post. I came into blogging naturally because of my long-standing love of books. I had always been a bookworm and it was further intensified when I discovered Goodreads. However, I didn’t truly start writing full reviews until college sophomore year (which was when I started up this blog) and I truthfully didn’t think I would stay. I assumed I would put hours of effort into making my WP website just like how I did with Tumblr and Pinterest but then quit a few days later. I had a strong ambition because writing is not my strongest skill set and my long-term goal was simply to write about what I read. So it’s been 9 months and I’m still here. I don’t know if my writing has improved because I’m still writing colloquially, and I personally did not feel a cataclysmic shift towards publish-worthy writing.

Frankly, there is no subject other than books that I can happily write and gush about. (I mean…I have Bangtan Boys and my favorite kdramas but I’m so biased that I’ll end up fangirling most of the time when I write about them.) It’s hard nowadays to find someone who loves to read, and it’s even harder to find someone love the same books I read. Sure, I found friends who loved The Glass Throne series by Sarah Maas but I’m also looking for those who read my other favorites. Where are you people?!

I really felt welcomed in the community and the amount of feedback I’ve gotten simply through a like or comment is immensely motivating. Although I don’t need people to read my posts, I am honored that they do. Even if the blogger skims through my writing, I believe it is still reading because they get the gist of what I want to say and they get a hefty idea of my writing style. My thoughts aren’t important and the fact that someone is taking time to read them, it is an absolute miracle!

So thank you to all you commenters, likers, and nominators! I really enjoy blogging and now that I’m taken up with school and work, I still hope someone will read whatever meager posts I come up with. It is an empowering outlet for me and I’m glad I made the transition from keeping a diary as a child to writing short GR blurbs to airing out longer thoughts on WordPress.

I want to nominate new followers and hear what they say!

Jess @Half Girl Half Teacup


Laura @LaLa’s Blog


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