Encouraging Thunder Award

Wow, there’s so many awards on the blogging platform that I can’t keep up! It’s always fun to discover a new one out there with super interesting concepts.

Many thanks to Dimple @enthrallingdimple and


Thank the person who nominated you.
Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
Mention your purpose in blogging.

Purpose of Blogging:

I have pretty much stopped deriving a joy from writing entering college. I have always preferred reading to writing simply because writing requires so much energy and contemplation. Although professors and teachers have praised for my writing, I did not go out of my way to write unless I absolutely must for homework or an assignment. I consider it technical writing and thus I did not practice ‘creative writing’ for a long while. For those people who actually read my reviews (thank you very much!), please bear with me because I’m still a writer-in-training. I usually don’t spell-check but I will try my best to get into the habit of it, and feel free to point out my typos and mistakes!

I also want to share my opinions and persuade people to read because reading is fun!! Whether it is reading my blog posts, reviews, or a book, I hope everyone will continue to pursue knowledge through literacy.


alibtechreads @A Lib Tech Reads

ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят @wordsweheart (Your username is super cool, btw!)

itusedtobemiami @It’s All Part Of The Human Experience

Note: Thank you for following me and keep writing!


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