Sunshine Blogger Award

“The whole idea of the Sunshine Award is that you nominate eleven bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative, and inspiring.”

– Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
– Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

Thank you aceshadowdragon for nominating me! Your questions are super interesting and I had so much fun writing my answers. Please check out Ace/Meredith’s blog because her website is prettier than mine and she has great taste in books.

  1. What’s your favorite season of the year (ex. fall, winter) and why? Spring is the best season in terms of temperature and I like being able to walk around without being bogged down by heavy winter coats.
  2. If you happened to borrow Mr. Peabody’s Wabac (time-machine), what time period would you visit? The Georgian era in Great Britain looks pretty to me.
  3. Who is your favorite character in The Lion King? If you haven’t watched it, shame on you. Timon
  4. Current favorite song? Dope by BTS I’m providing you the link so watch it!!
  5. If you were forced to play a card game, and your life was the prize, which game would you prefer playing? (ex. poker, black jack, etc.) Cards Against Humanity? I’m terrible with cards so I’m better off playing chance games.
  6. What is your favorite book series of all time? This is difficult but only The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner comes to mind right now.
  7. Do you enjoy camping? I’ve done it for one whole summer which is enough to last me a lifetime.
  8. What’s your preferred type of weather? Warm and sunny but breezy to counterbalance the heat.
  9. What’s the quickest time it has taken you to finish a book? I somehow end up reading long books but 2 hours.
  10. Have you ever ridden a horse? No. 😦
  11. How many books have you read this year so far? 38 books so far but I want to reach 50 by the end of this year.

Sorry, I’m really hungry while I’m writing this so food’s on my mind.

My questions:

  1. Favorite fruit?
  2. Vegetables or Meat?
  3. Favorite meat?
  4. Have you eaten paper before?
  5. Do you like hearing the sound of typing on a keyboard?
  6. Where have you traveled/which countries do you wish to visit?
  7. How many books have you read this month?
  8. How many books do you plan to read at the end of this year?
  9. Favorite flavor of bubble tea?
  10. Cake or pie?
  11. Favorite restaurant?


Timothy Pike @What Inspires Your Writing?

Man of many thoughts @keithgarrettpoetry



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