Reading Hiatus

Hello bloggers!

So I haven’t been active as much as I can be and I have not posted anything for over a month. 😦 I promise I’m still here and lurking around somewhere but I’ve been super busy with schoolwork and it’s catching up to me. I really need to focus on my classes right now because I’m already a college junior and stress levels just keep climbing…

Hopefully, I can manage well enough to read occasionally but that recently hasn’t been  the case and evidently, I’m not writing much either. I having a difficult time figuring out where I want to go after graduation, planning on my course sequences, and contemplating whether switching majors was a good idea. I’m a double major in elementary education and psychology but I’ve long wanted to pursue iSTEM instead of psychology. I’m trying to keep my hopes up because I feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and living off-campus frays my time. Cooking for myself, learning to grab essential supplies and dress accordingly since I can’t just ‘run in’ to grab a jacket, and spending time in the college library productively are all challenging tasks that I have not previously taken into account.

Hopefully, I can start reading soon but for now, prospects are not so bright. For all other bloggers, work hard, and forge on!! I’ll be back for sure. 😀

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10 thoughts on “Reading Hiatus

  1. sending virtual hug! I feel you. I’ve been so worked up with med school lately. But i hope that you get to settle things and finally decide where your heart and mind will be happiest. To reading and beyond! :*


  2. Sending love and fluffy animals your way! I wish you all the best and I hope you won’t get too stressed out! I know the feeling all to well. I graduate in less than a week! 💗


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