2015 Year Wrap-Up

Hello everyone!!

I have returned to the blogosphere to wish all bloggers and my followers a happy new year!! Since it’s nearing the end of 2015, I’m feeling a bit melancholy and I want to look back fondly on the memories and books I’ve read. It’s been quite a hectic year (busy busy junior!) and I’m afraid I have to prolong my hiatus. I need to study for my Praxis exam which is a mandatory exam written by none other than ETS. Many of you might know the organization ETS because they happen to also write that SAT which countless high school students in the U.S. take. There’s also the MCATs, GRE, TOEFL, etc…

Right…so I’m slightly chagrinned to admit that I haven’t started studying yet although I’m taking the Praxis in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. It. Is. Crunch. Time. And this is then followed up by practice writing Chinese because I’m taking my final Chinese course this spring semester. I honestly need to brush up on my written Chinese since I’ve forgotten a good chunk of it over one year of disuse. It is the last course needed to finally complete my Mandarin minor meaning is the most advanced class yet. This does not bode well because I need all that prior knowledge that I have oh so conveniently forgotten. Lots of things to do this winter break!

Aside from all these nonsensical shenanigans in my life, I did manage to find enough time to read. I completed my Goodreads challenge by reading 50 books and here they are:


Happy New Year!!!

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