EXOPLANET #2: Exo’luXion in NY

Hello fellow bloggers!

I wanted to talk about my other hobbies aside from books because they’re just as much a part of my life as reading is.

I have been listening to Kpop since junior year in high school but I wasn’t really into until college began. And at that time, I still am not as invested as I am now. Because there’s deeper holes to fall into than just simply listening to the music. In fact, Kpop consists of boy groups and girl groups and each of them have their very own fandom. This is just a little bit of information on it but I just wanted to say that I attended Exo’s concert a couple weeks ago!

This is Exo:

Yes, that’s nine members that you’re looking at. I wouldn’t say that I’m part of the Exo-L fandom (EXO-L is the name of their fandom) but I am indeed a huge fan of their music. I loved 90% of all the songs they sang in the concert. (I was really sad they didn’t sing El Dorado 😦 But I was happy they didn’t sing Wolf. LOL)


  1. I was 100% sure by the middle of the concert that my bias is Xiumin. YES, IT’S OFFICIAL YA’LL.

    Okay, my fangirling is over.
  2. Their choreography wasn’t as on point as I expected it to be. Sadly, it wasn’t that synchronized but their voices were magical! It’s like straight out of the CD.
  3. The view was pretty good for $160.
  4. It was LIT. Teeming with screams and shouts, the entire section was standing up and waving their lightsticks.
  5. They sang some of my all-time favorites: Run, Peter Pan, Lucky, 3.6.5., My Answer, Playboy, etc.
  6. Xiumin and Chanyeol were super lively and so extra during their performances. They really brought up the energy in the crowd.
  7. The Lucky performance is a huge fan service. I remember watching their Manila performance because the screen ripped while they were changing behind it LOL.
  8. Their English was terrible but they tried. The translator had a heavy accent but she tried. It’s okay, music transcends barriers.
  9. The stage was extended but relatively simple. The only prop that they really brought out was a huge cube that Chanyeol stood on.
  10. D.O.’s vocals gave me life.
  11. I redeemed my Chipotle (Raincheck coupon) before I attended the concert hehe so I got a free dinner.
  12. The pit definitely got a lot of interaction. Would I go in the pit? On strictly 2 conditions: It’d be for BTS and if the package included a hi-touch/autograph session.

Here is my favorite video clip they played during an interlude: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/4fB8fjR2CbAcX7TmEpDxTtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink

Liked what you saw? Here are a couple music videos:

In case you were curious of what fandom I am actually part of, you can check out BTS’s music!



13 thoughts on “EXOPLANET #2: Exo’luXion in NY

  1. Love, love, love k-pop! Last year I saw B1A4, which were awesome, although I’d die to see SHINee or U-KISS!

    I had to laugh when you said this though,”their voices were magical! It’s like straight out of the CD.” Girl, I’d bet good money that with that level of dancing involved, they’re definitely singing on top of their album. Not that I care! If people didn’t like manufactured music, they wouldn’t listen to k-pop in the first place! Haha!


    • Wow B1A4! One of my fave songs is ‘Tried to Walk’ ahhh They’re such great performers! But yea, I’d definitely pay good money to see SHINee πŸ™‚
      People can’t deny that Exo are talented though. I understand the stigma about the manufactured music but people have to remember that 90% of American artists don’t even write their own music. (I’m super biased towards BTS because they make their own music LOL)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love that song too, and their concert was amazing! I love the fandom of kpop bands with the fan colors and hand signs! And that’s true, I don’t give a crap about songwriting skills as long as the end result is good!


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