First Post of 2018…(& Since A Year Ago LOL)

I admit, I’ve been SUPER negligent about blogging and 2017 has been a tumultuous year filled with heavy workload. At the time of my last review, I was student teaching and in a a perpetual state of anxiety. It was not good. My daily commute to the school I was teaching at took 45 minutes and I would spend the entirety of the drive filled with dread and anxiety over what I had to do. To be quite honest, I never really got over those feelings but they definitely lessened and morphed into slight nervousness as I gained confidence in my abilities. Despite these morning jitters, I made some wonderful memories student teaching and also gained powerful learning experiences within the classroom.

In the meantime, I returned to this blog not for the sake of book blogging because frankly, I longer can no longer afford the time and commitment to reading and reviewing books at the pace I used to. Instead, I wish to transition this blog into more personal territories. That said, I will still use this space to voice my thoughts on books I’ve read but since I have not really read anything recently, (unless you count the pedagogical articles that I read for my education courses) those book review posts will be scarce. I hope to expand my writing to my other interests and hobbies. I have started to read more manga and also watched a few anime shows during my breaks. I even surprise myself sometimes with the lengths I’m willing to go just to procrastinate. So I’ve fallen down the anime/manga rabbit hole. And not to mention that rabbit hole called BTS. 2017, it’s been a helluva year.

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