Reading Hiatus

Hello bloggers!

So I haven’t been active as much as I can be and I have not posted anything for over a month. 😦 I promise I’m still here and lurking around somewhere but I’ve been super busy with schoolwork and it’s catching up to me. I really need to focus on my classes right now because I’m already a college junior and stress levels just keep climbing…

Hopefully, I can manage well enough to read occasionally but that recently hasn’t been  the case and evidently, I’m not writing much either. I having a difficult time figuring out where I want to go after graduation, planning on my course sequences, and contemplating whether switching majors was a good idea. I’m a double major in elementary education and psychology but I’ve long wanted to pursue iSTEM instead of psychology. I’m trying to keep my hopes up because I feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and living off-campus frays my time. Cooking for myself, learning to grab essential supplies and dress accordingly since I can’t just ‘run in’ to grab a jacket, and spending time in the college library productively are all challenging tasks that I have not previously taken into account.

Hopefully, I can start reading soon but for now, prospects are not so bright. For all other bloggers, work hard, and forge on!! I’ll be back for sure. 😀

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Best Books of 2014 & 2015 Book Challenge

In 2014, I read 52 books which is a steep decline from 100 books in 2013 and I’m afraid I’m never going to achieve that golden triple digit statistic again in this decade. What I aim for is 55 this year and I just pray that the semester and summer allows me to achieve it. FIGHTING!

Best Books of 2014:

(Note: These books are linked to their respective GoodReads page so click away!)

Ignite MeGolden SonSinnerThe Perilous SeaBlue Lily, Lily BlueThe Winner's CurseDreams of Gods & MonstersA Darker Shade of MagicMortal Heart

Favorite Pre-2014 Books I Read This Year:

I highly recommend every book under this one section because the writing is superb and the plot is fantastically complex.

I recently saw a blog post about popsugar’s book challenge list which motivated me to take it on too.


I’ll be updating on my progress and making my way through the list but it seems I can check off multiple items with a single book. Would that be considered cheating? I know I should follow through properly but still…

So, will you take on this challenge too?! I dare you to try new things, explore different types of stories and get out of your preferred genre zone. Let me know your stance on this and all thoughts are appreciated. Happy New Year!!

I decided it’s about time to revamp and work on a blog since what, I hit the 700 books milestone? Yep, that’s a lot of books and aside from the 200 more or less reviews, it’s difficult to transfer it all from Goodreads.
Luckily, not all the books I read were good and I plan to only rave or go on blathering with fantastic books. The bad and wicked can be left in the dust and rot for all I care if I bear apathy towards it.
For now, I’ll try my best to transport several of my reviews over and settle down. I’m excited to check out more of the features and add more posts. Thanks for reading!